Saturday, April 2, 2016

At It Again-hopefully

I decided to start blogging again! Hmmm. I think I've decided that before & blogged twice in one year & that was it. Hopefully this time I'm serious.
Since I last posted I lost my Dad. He passed away in September. I feel so guilty about not calling him like I should have & not going to visit him. He lived in New Mexico. I miss him so much. I remember going to work with him when we lived in Booker. Mom would make us lunches & I'd go with Dad on the tractor to work for a local farmer. I remember Dad teaching me how to milk a cow & then helping him do the milking. He taught me how to shoot a gun, how to put plastic over the windows to keep the cold out. I loved helping do that. I learned that a couple of nails was 2 & a few nails was 6 or 7, for him anyway. Most of all I miss his hugs. He would hug so tight! My hubby has a laugh like my Dad's which sometimes catches me off guard & I look around for my Dad.
Last year, I think it was November, I was challenged to do written Bible verses. Each day we were given some verses to write down. I found I got a lot more out of the verses if I wrote them down so
here it is April & I'm still doing that. I have also found some good devotionals to use. We have a monthly little magazine called Journey that I get at our church that I LOVE. We have also started a couples devotional in the evening. Love it!
We joined a church here in town last year & we have the most amazing bunch of pastors here! It's amazing how much more we really listen.

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