Saturday, April 2, 2016

At It Again-hopefully

I decided to start blogging again! Hmmm. I think I've decided that before & blogged twice in one year & that was it. Hopefully this time I'm serious.
Since I last posted I lost my Dad. He passed away in September. I feel so guilty about not calling him like I should have & not going to visit him. He lived in New Mexico. I miss him so much. I remember going to work with him when we lived in Booker. Mom would make us lunches & I'd go with Dad on the tractor to work for a local farmer. I remember Dad teaching me how to milk a cow & then helping him do the milking. He taught me how to shoot a gun, how to put plastic over the windows to keep the cold out. I loved helping do that. I learned that a couple of nails was 2 & a few nails was 6 or 7, for him anyway. Most of all I miss his hugs. He would hug so tight! My hubby has a laugh like my Dad's which sometimes catches me off guard & I look around for my Dad.
Last year, I think it was November, I was challenged to do written Bible verses. Each day we were given some verses to write down. I found I got a lot more out of the verses if I wrote them down so
here it is April & I'm still doing that. I have also found some good devotionals to use. We have a monthly little magazine called Journey that I get at our church that I LOVE. We have also started a couples devotional in the evening. Love it!
We joined a church here in town last year & we have the most amazing bunch of pastors here! It's amazing how much more we really listen.

Friday, August 22, 2014

This morning

The last several mornings I've gotten up just after 6am! Steve runs the puppies out of the bedroom when he leaves so I can stretch out a bit & get more sleep. For some reason the puppies find any-
thing & everything to bark at if our door is shut! If the door is open there's no problem with them
barking. Anyway, I'm up because of the barking. I've been doing my workout early in the mornings now. I do my Plexus, make a cup of coffee, then head for the elliptical. I'm up to 28 min. per workout! I don't know why but the last couple of days I want to wimp out at 15 min. Today I just didn't want to work out at all :(. I need to work out, my knees don't hurt as much if I work out.
After my workout I take my coffee (& sometimes my computer) out on the back deck & have some quiet time. The back deck is on the west side of the house so it's shady that early in the morning. On weekends Steve & I sit out on the front deck & drink our coffee & watch the hummingbirds & birds.
This morning was emotional too. My oldest grandson posted about his first high school football scrimmage. I love my 3 grandsons to the moon & back but am just not ready for them to be in high school, jr. high, & pre-k! Makes me feel old!
We got a pool! Hopefully it will get set up today! My oldest daughter told me about it. The lady just got it this year & didn't use it that much so it's in excellent shape. We got a REALLY good deal on
it. Maybe I can work a daily swim in with my usual workout! It's a 22'x52" pool so plenty of room!

Monday, August 11, 2014

WOW! It's been a while!

Realized this morning while I was working out that I haven't blogged in a while. Had quite a time remembering passwords to get back on here.
So much has happened since I last blogged. Steve had surgery on his neck & was off work for a while. It was nice having a house-husband, lol! I worked nights so he was a big help. His brother was with us at that time too.
In May of 2013 we bought a home closer to town. Not saying we didn't love our little house, but it was a bit cramped & no storage. We had the privilege  to rent-to-own the little house so when we bought the other house we gave that chance to someone else. Our little house had 900 sq ft & the
new house has almost 2400! Having that much room took some getting used too but we LOVE the big kitchen in the new house!
My grandmother passed away in 2012 at the age of 99! Such a void was left in our lives but we
know she's in a much better place. My Aunt JoAnn & Uncle Floyd passed away too.
Steve's brother moved back to Arizona in 2013 & was doing very well until recently so he is back
with us.
I started taking Plexus in Dec. of last year. Though I have lost weight using it I'm not totally satisfied with the amount of weight I have lost. I totally take the blame for that. I wasn't drinking the amount of water I needed to be drinking. Anyone who knows me knows how much pop I drank so it was
hard to drink water. I have quit drinking pop (tho every now & then I will have a sprite). I bought an elliptical & was working out, tho sporadically!I do seem to have more energy tho. In July of this year I got serious about working out on it. I started out doing a couple of minutes a day. I am now up to 25 min. a day. I was listening to music while working out & loved it. Last week I rigged my Kindle up to the elliptical & now read while I work out. Seems like the workout goes faster when I'm reading as opposed to music. Don't know why that is.
Steve & I tried our hand at recovering some dining room chairs over the weekend & are patting ourselves on the back at how well they turned out!
We enjoy sitting out on the decks on Sat & Sun mornings listening to the birds & watching the hummingbirds while drinking our coffee.
I quit my job with mental health. I know, I know, some people think that was a stupid move. I found one of my consumers dead one evening & realized how short life is. This guy was my age. I now sit with an older gentleman from 2-10 Mon-Fri.
I'm going on an Alaskan cruise in May of next year! My Mom & my best friend Karin are going too.
I'm excited & nervous at the same time!

Thursday, January 5, 2012


This past year had it's share of ups & downs. For the most part it was ups. I am still working in a mental health facility. Steve was hurt in a semi vs semi accident in Sept. & has been home since.
We've made some FANTASTIC friends! We went to 2 concerts, Aaron Tippin & Rodney Carrington.
Aaron Tippin was by far the best one. We got our pictures taken with him & have lots of pictures of the concert. The Carringon concert didn't allow cameras. We went with Charles & Reyna & Tawna went with us to the Carrington one! We had a blast both times!
The new year has already brought a major blessing! Steve's brother Dennis called us back in Dec.
Steve, my cousin Charles & his wife Reyna loaded up this past weekend & went to Arizona & brought
Dennis to live with us. We are VERY short on help where I work and there's no way I could get off. There's already a MAJOR change in his attitude! There's gonna be some
struggles as with everything but we feel the Lord brought these two brothers together for a reason.
Dennis has throat cancer & has a diabetic pump. He has quite a few other medical issues too & we're
dealing with them the best we can. We already love having him here. Just to hear the guys laughing
is a blessing.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Work & clothesline!

What a beautiful day out! Wish I hadn't spent all day sleeping as we have a clothesline now & I
would loved having those clean sheets with the 'air dry' smell, lol! Loving that clothesline. It
reminds me of G'ma!
My job is getting really hectic too. We have so many staff out for vacations & then a couple out
for medical reasons. I've been working a lot of nights (11:30pm-8am). I don't like that shift but
it's a job & I do love my job. I've now been there a little over a year. 40 hours a week too. Never
thought I'd made it thru hours like that but some of those weeks & had a couple of 16 hr shifts!
We've been blessed with so much! I think people take for granted their jobs & we are so blessed to both have good jobs. GOD IS GOOD!!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011


The world lost a wonderful woman yesterday. My G'ma Leecy, 99 years young went to be with
the Lord, her husband & her daughter. I'm sure G'ma is pinching everyone's hiney! It's very hard
losing someone you've known all your life but I rejoice in the fact that G'ma is no longer hurting.
This lady taught us all so very much. She taught us that if you don't have anything good to say about
someone then don't say anything at all. She accepted everyone as if they were family. She was a
strong woman too. I remember her driving the tractor & pulling up mulberry trees. She taught me
how to drive. The car she taught me to drive was a standard on the column & every once in a while
the gear would get stuck. She showed me how to get it unstuck but she only showed me once so I
had to be paying attention. She made the best popcorn balls too. Sorry G'ma but I liked the ones
you made with vinegar in them! So many memories to cherish! I LOVE YOU G'MA!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Past Year

With the coming of the end of 2010 I'm looking back at what's happened during the year. Moved back to Oklahoma, started a new job & moved into a house. I've also got that one special person in my life. Not many people understand why I've done the things I've done but I can't live my life the way others want me to live it. I make mistakes just like anyone else does & if I've made a mistake renewing a relationship then it's my mistake NOT anyone else's. Some people came into our lives that didn't need to be there some who came into our lives that mean a lot, but that's what life is about.
I also got to spend some wonderful time helping take care of my 99 year old G'ma. She's such
an amazing person!
I'm thankful every day for the blessings in my life too! I'm thankful that I am where I am when
I could just as easily be in the position that the clients where I work are. I'm thankful for the
friend of Mom's who told me about the job I have. I thank the Lord for the abilities I have to
deal with the clients I work with. I never thought I'd be working where I work doing what
I'm doing.